We’ve released Aporia a few days early. 

We had originally scheduled to release Sufjan & Lowell’s collaborative new-age record this Friday, March 27th, but since things are uncertain for record stores right now, we’ve decided to release Aporia today.

Physical copies are for sale today in record stores that remain open (or as soon as they receive stock). Most stores will get their stock today or Tuesday.

We will release Aporia on all digital platforms tomorrow. 

Also today (Monday) at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, we will be premiering a full album stream on YouTube Premiere, right here. We’d love to have you join us and chat while we all listen to the record live.

We still have a few of the limited yellow-vinyl editions on our webstore, but we encourage you to check with your local record store first. Many are practicing safe social distancing by implementing curbside delivery or mail-order shipping. Please be safe and adhere to responsible social distancing. 

A full description of the album and its background is available here.

The word “aporia” is Greek in origin, literally meaning “without passage” or “at a loss.” 

This is a good description of how many of us feel right now.

What is happening? What happens next? What can we do? What now? 

We harbor no delusions of grandeur—this record is hardly the most important thing in your world right now—but we also believe that music is sacred and has the ability to bring beauty, wisdom, truth and light to our lives in difficult times. We hope this music can bring you meaning, hope and encouragement today.

We are donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Aporia to food-focused COVID19 charities No Kid Hungry as well as to Partners in Health. We encourage you to donate and help out as much as you can.

A few more things:

  1. We are selling Aporia-themed t-shirts designed by Sufjan over at SUFJAMZ. Those go on sale after the premiere of the album on YouTube, around 4pm EST at sufjamz.com. They’ll ship your way in a day or two from our fulfillment warehouse (who are taking extra-special precautions to protect your purchases and their employees from COVID19). Proceeds will also go to charities listed above.
  2. Lowell curated a playlist of songs that he sent on mixtapes to Sufjan over the years. It’s a wonderful and eclectic listen. You can hear that on Spotify here.
  3. Sufjan curated a playlist of “new-age” mood music by some of his favorite artists. You can hear that here.

As always thanks for listening. Stay safe and be well!