Angelo De Augustine has shared “27” and “Hologram,” a new double single available now via Asthmatic Kitty Records at all DSPs and streaming services here. A limited edition cassingle is available exclusively at our official AKR store here.

These singles are Angelo’s first new music since 2021’s collaborative LP with Sufjan, A Beginner’s Mind, and his first solo work since 2020’s dual tracks “Santa Barbara” and “Blue,” the two new singles find Angelo exploring Greek and Roman history, monsters and ghouls, evil, death, faith, love, destruction, and opposing deities. These originals – recorded, produced, and mixed by Angelo – hint at a larger sound to come and a profound artistic evolution years in the making.

Angelo began work on “27” in 2019 while recording initial demos that would become A Beginner’s Mind, and features instrumental assistance from Sufjan. “Hologram” alternately disguises its depths in the body of a simple folk song. Starting in 5/4 time, the track’s octave-jumping melody morphs into a 3/4 waltz, before transitioning into a 4/4 chorus. The song’s lyrics depict dystopian and hellish landscapes painted with age long myths, games of telephone, what it means to be evil, and how evil itself is often misunderstood.

Angelo has released two videos accompanying the tracks, a video shot by Angelo himself and edited by Jessica Calleiro viewable below or here, and an animation of “Hologram” by Matt Czap which you can view below or here.A limited edition of translucent blue cassingles is available for purchase here.