A couple of weeks ago we released “River of Music,” a brand new song by Denison Witmer from his American Foursquare project (which you can hear here).

Today, Denison has released some more new music. This time it’s “For the Beauty of the Earth,” a holiday hymn written by 19th century Tractarian, scholar, and writer Folliott Pierpoint.

Here’s Denison on the song:

“‘For the Beauty Of The Earth’ is my favorite song of thankfulness. It is a reminder that peace and beauty can be simple, located in the world around us and the people we love. I recorded this song live with my friend Thomas Bartlett. He played piano while I sang. We performed it twice and picked our favorite take. I wanted it to sound the way I sing it to my children at night.”

We hope you enjoy the song over the holidays.

(And there’s more new music coming so be sure to follow Denison Spotify or Instagram.)