Sufjan’s new album Javelin is out October 6, 2023 but you don’t have to wait until then to hear the whole album. 

Today we’re inviting you to a “Javelin Global Listening Party,” where, alongside friends and other fans, your favorite record stores will play the entire album prior to release date. 

We’ve set up two dates for these events: Tuesday September 19th, 2023 and Tuesday October 3, 2023.

Stores will be giving away free Javelin posters (limited quantities) at the events. One lucky winner will also get a Javelin tote at each event. US stores will have Javelin wristbands (limited quantities). And at the events on October 3, 2023, you’ll be able to buy and take home your own copy of Javelin a few days early. 

See below for dates, and check with your local record store for reserving your spot.

Update September 7: You asked and we did our best to add as many Javelin listening parties as we possibly could! Six additional dates on Oct 3rd in North America have been added (indicated below with an asterisk) for your listening enjoyment.

September 19, 2023
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Exile Records
Brisbane, Australia, Jet Black Cat Music
Sydney, Australia, Red Eye Records
Melbourne, Australia, Rocksteady Records
Bogotá, Colombia, RPM Records
Biarritz, France, Aberdeen Records
Paris, France, Balades Sonores
Arras, France, Big Star
Poitiers, France, Charivari
La Rochelle, France, Gibert
Montpellier, France, Ground Zero
Paris, France, Ground Zero
Rennes, France, It’s Only
Amiens, France, La Malle A Disques
Saint-Louis, France, Le DéTour
Strasbourg, France, Locked Grooves
Paris, France, Modulor
Troyes, France, The Message
Paris, France, The Mixtape
Lyon, France, Tiki Vinyl
Cologne, Germany, Parallel Schallplatten
Dublin, Ireland, Spindizzy
Gallarate-Varese, Italy, Caru Dischi
Bologna, Italy, Disco D’Oro
Rome, Italy, Discoteca Laziale
Rome, Italy, Radiation Records Monti
Rome, Italy, Radiation Records Pigneto
Milan, Italy, Serendeepity
Tokyo, Japan, Daikanyama Tsutaya Books
Mexico City, Mexico, El Club del Rock and Rol
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Concerto
Lima, Peru, Lúpulo Draft Bar
Lisbon, Portugal, Louie Louie
Porto, Portugal, Music & Riots
Granada, Spain, Discos Marcapasos
Barcelona, Spain, El Genio Equivocado
Madrid, Spain, Marillians
Stockholm, Sweden, Bengans
Preston, UK, Action Records
Dundee, UK, Assai
Edinburgh, UK, Assai
Glasgow, UK, Assai
Sheffield, UK, Bear Tree
Leeds, UK, Crash
Totnes, UK, Drift
Leeds, UK, Jumbo Records
Glasgow, UK, Monorail
Manchester, UK, Piccadilly Records
Southsea, UK, Pie&Vinyl
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Reflex
Brighton, UK, Resident
Bristol, UK, Rough Trade
Nottingham, UK, Rough Trade
London, UK, Rough Trade West
London, UK, Rough Trade Soho
Cardiff, UK, Spillers
Oxford, UK, Truck
Southampton, UK, Vinilo
Bury, UK, Wax and Beans
Montevideo, Uruguay, Little Butterfly Records

October 3, 2023
New York, US, Rough Trade
Austin, US, Waterloo Records
Philadelphia, US, Repo Records
Chicago, US, Reckless Records
Atlanta, US, Criminal Records
Toronto, Canada, Sonic Boom
Montreal, Canada, Le Vacarme
Vancouver, Canada, Neptoon Records
Nashville, US, Grimey’s
Charleston, US, J. Stark w/ records sold by The Record Stop
Wilmington, US, Fuzzy Needle
Chattanooga, US, Yellow Racket Records *
Seattle, US, Easy Street Records *
Indianapolis, US, LUNA music *
Halifax, Canada, obsolete records *
Orlando, US, Park Ave CDs *