Sufjan has written and recorded over 100 holiday songs, released in two collections: Songs for Christmas (2006) and Silver & Gold (2012). You can read an interview with Sufjan with Craig Jenkins about this holiday music here. We have set his expansive five-hour, 10-volume holiday repertoire to a peaceful yule log backdrop. This video is ideal for your favorite holiday activities: decorating the tree, baking, making calls to loved ones, or enjoying hot cocoa. You can also view the video (and a lot of other Sufjan holiday videos and links) here.

To celebrate the holiday season, we will premiere this video (directed by Brian Paccione) on Friday, December 1st, at 11AM ET. Join us for a virtual holiday gathering as we showcase the yule log.Of course, a holiday celebration isn’t complete without sharing some gifts! Give us the gift of sharing your Sufjan holiday playlist, and we may feature our favorites on our socials! Send your Sufjan holiday playlist to us using this form.