New Video From Rafter for “Convertible Jeep”

May 9th, 2014 , by

Debuting exclusively on Jamaicans Music, Rafter’s new video for “Convertible Jeep” will cause your brain to melt into a pool of reggae-ified gel. The good kind (of brain gel).

Directed by Lizeth Santos, the video features Rafter in an amazing Reggae Robot suit, an army of extras donned with gold future-microphones wearing multi-colored body suits, and pretty much every color possible.

Watch it on Jamaicans Music here, or below.

The album is available now. Allmusic reviewed it, saying “Everyone from Lee Perry to King Tubby, and even more modern producers like Steely & Clevie, would be impressed by the sounds [Rafter] conjures up on the record.” Buy it here.

It’s Reggae; New Album From Rafter Out Now

April 1st, 2014 , by

Rafter’s latest record, out now, is an ode to reggae, fueled by a trip to Maui, lots of late nights, and pure love. Rafter titled the album It’s Reggae. How appropriate! You can buy the album in CD or LP.

Below is the letter Rafter wrote to reggae. “Roberts has crafted a loving tribute to reggae that is steadfastly true to its roots, yet still has plenty of his personality and loads of originality.”

Listen to “Wedding Ring Modulator” below – buy It’s Reggae here.




January 28th, 2011 , by

Surprise! A new album from Rafter?!? OH YES.

Rafter sprang Quiet Storm on us this week and we loved what we heard. He wanted it out and about, right now, pronto STAT. So we said, OK BOSS! And here it is! Take Rafter's yoga-like swagger, his pop sensibilities, then throw those out the ducktaped window of your 1987 Honda Civic Hatchback. Throwthe nearest unlabeled CO2 cassette in the car's $44 SoundATech stereo (and complimentary speakers!), turn the broken knob as high as it goes, and you will get Quiet Storm. Thuuunder!

Rafter, on Quiet Storm, which originated while touring for Animal Feelings: "we listened to a lot of black metal demo tapes in the car… it was really inspiring, extreme, blown out, ridiculous but heartfelt… i made this album, fed by those inspirations and a wave of existential freakout, human mind explosion. in my fantasy, it's like darkthrone meets the kinks meets lee perry…"

Stream the new record for free, and if you love it as we do, name a price ($0.69 or more) here. The rest of Rafter's catalog (here) is similarly you-name-it priced, for a limited time. If there was ever a day to indulge yourself in Rafter, today is that day. 


June 29th, 2010 , by

Of course we have all seen the music videos wherein the band is helicoptered in and plays on top of a mountain. Lovely, all of them, but just an illusion, yes? Bands don't actually play on mountaintops.
Or do they? An elite few actually do – an elite few that will soon include our very own Rafter, for Peppermill Fest 2010, held August 13-15th!  In prep for the mountaintop fest, Vancouver's Peppermill Records are scouting Shangri-La Basin in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Although they've confirmed Rafter, the lineup is still in the works so keep checking here for details. Tickets are $200 (this is a good deal!) and includes all kinds of great stuff like food and drink and music, so you should buy tickets from here soon – Rafter promises a "1 of a kind set;" listening to Rafter on a mountaintop should not be missed.


April 1st, 2010 , by

Photo by Lizeth Santos

On the 13th of April we'll have the high partying honor of releasing Animal Feelings, the third full length from Rafter. We have high expectations that this will end partisan politics, long-standing family disputes, and decrease aggressive driving accidents by 22%, perhaps more.

Until the wide release on April 13th though, expect smaller but more intense pockets of effect. Why? Rafter is touring. Like a crazy man. Because he is on a mission, a mission to make you sweat. Rafter & Co. begin in Houston, run back and release the CD in San Diego on the 17th, then use the gravity from California to swing back to NYC and then back again. 

We'd stake our reputation that you'll dance at a Rafter show. Seriously. You will dance. Go. Details here.


March 5th, 2010 , by

It may not quite seem like it, but it is nearly spring. That means flower buds, rabbits making rabbits, bees pollinating…and this year, the appropriately timed Rafter's Animal Feelings

Out April 13th, the album brings spring full swing by strutting cleanly from one hit to the next, speakers blowing, bodies moving, club lights flashing. Full of FM-ready pop gems playfully sabotaged by Rafter’s fearless mouth, the album is an exhilarating pop free-for-all recalling Nintendo composer Koji Kondo leading a fantasy camp super-jam with Cody Chesnutt, Justin Timberlake, and the Tom Tom Club. Preorder the CD for $10 by clicking here
And if anyone has ever seen Rafter perform live, they’ll know he lets it all shine through for the audience. Rafter’s spirited dance-floor anarchy and fiery-red headed glammerisms make for an unparalleled show that will stand out amongst the rest. . . which, as we all know, is what SXSW is all about. Those heading to Austin should be sure to add Rafter to the agenda. Click more below to see the five times Rafter is playing at SXSW.
For those not headed to Austin, enjoy "beauty beauty," a new, free MP3 from Animal Feelings (or click here for a remix by Dominique Leon):

"beauty beauty" Animal Feelings (Download)

Wed. 3/17 – 4:30 PM @ VICE House (302 E. 6th St.) – Lose Control Party
Wed. 3/17 ? 12:15 AM @ Beauty Bar Backyard (617 E. 7th St.) ?
Asthmatic Kitty/K Records/Sounds Familyre/Tomlab Party
Sat. 3/20 ? 3:30 PM @ Barbrella (615 Red River St.) ? Moshi Moshi
Music, Wichita Recordings & Mixtape Music Party w/ Bushwalla, Mariachi
El Bronx, Slow Club, and more
Sat. 3/20 ? TBA @ The Iron Gate Lounge (1111 East 6th Street) ?
Singing Serpent Party
Sat. 3/20 ? 9 PM @ The Iron Gate Lounge (1111 East 6th Street) ? Yelp Party


January 13th, 2010 , by

Following the pop-leaning lead of his last EP, Sweaty Magic, Rafter’s latest longplayer, Animal Feelings, hits shelves April 13th! It will be a long winter wait for this a Technicolor pop blow-out, but well worth it! Animal Feelings recalls Nintendo composer Koji Kondo leading a fantasy camp super-jam with Cody Chesnutt, Justin Timberlake, and the Tom Tom Club. Rafter’s history and influences, his dreams and ambition, and his love for love, all come together as a sweet, fun, speaker-blowin’, beat-busting ride into the inner-core of pop and R&B music.

Ask him to drop names for his latest work and he’ll say Justin Timberlake and Sublime Frequencies’ Radio Phnom Penh without batting an eye. He’ll tell you Animal Feelings is "a marriage record, a lust record, a death and sex record" and he’ll tell you to read The KLF’s notorious manual on writing a #1 single, which he says fueled and saved the recording sessions, which stretched over the course of a year and a half.

Animal Feelings, his fourth LP for Asthmatic Kitty, is an idea-packed picnic of philosophies and fears, of affirmations and questions. Like all of his work, this record is a very personal piece of music and Rafter has a lot to tell you. Whether you choose to listen or not is the difference between you getting down on the dancefloor or simply standing outside the club, listening to the beats, muffled and gutless through the walls. You have exactly three months to get ready to join the party!

Check out a track from the album, Paper. (Note: Not safe for radio or sensitive ears!)

“Paper (Explicit)” Animal Feelings (Download)


May 6th, 2009 , by

photo by Edan at thepiratehat
Not all of us are lucky enough to wait in San Diego for Rafter to tour, then stalk and follow him to wherever he’s playing, then dance our little hearts out while he plays, then return to San Diego and wait.
But! Some kind soul (Houtaper, actually) went to one of Rafter’s shows at SXSW, recorded it, and then sent it to another kind soul at nyctaper. They’ve posted it in its entirety for download right here. Did we say Rafter plays a lot of songs about sex and love?
Ok, wait…here’s an idea. Don’t listen to it yet. Download it, burn it to CD (make it gapless for ultimate experience!), then invite over about 15 friends. Turn off the lights, plug in the Christmas lights. Then turn this up real loud. PARTY. Record. Post to YouTube, and let us know the link.

"Fruit (Live)" (Download)


April 27th, 2009 , by

Get this: Rafter is engaged! And to photographer Lizeth Santos no less, the girl who did the cover art on Rafter’s last album, Sweaty Magic, and has repeatedly inspired Rafter to do such things as the art project a day!

To celebrate the engagement, Lizeth and Rafter are throwing an an engagement party/art show/music show/jamboree. Lizeth has made a whole series of heart-themed photos, and Rafter and friends, playing as "smile now, cry later," will play some covers of their favorite love jams.

And seeing as how you’re a friend, you should go to congratulate them in person! The lovejamfestparty is on Thursday April 30th, 9pm at the Whistlestop Bar in San Diego (21+).

Click more to see the full promo poster and a tease of Lizeth’s heart-themed photography.


April 10th, 2009 , by

Via our Twitter account, some things to do this weekend: Fri- Rafter in Seattle @ Chop Suey. Jookabox in Rotterdam @ Lantaren Venster II. Sat-Rafter in Tacoma @ The Helm, Jookabox in Duisburg @ Steinbruch; Sun-Rafter in Portland @ Rontoms; Sun-Jookabox in Bremen @ Treue.

Details here.

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