photo by Edan at thepiratehat
Not all of us are lucky enough to wait in San Diego for Rafter to tour, then stalk and follow him to wherever he’s playing, then dance our little hearts out while he plays, then return to San Diego and wait.
But! Some kind soul (Houtaper, actually) went to one of Rafter’s shows at SXSW, recorded it, and then sent it to another kind soul at nyctaper. They’ve posted it in its entirety for download right here. Did we say Rafter plays a lot of songs about sex and love?
Ok, wait…here’s an idea. Don’t listen to it yet. Download it, burn it to CD (make it gapless for ultimate experience!), then invite over about 15 friends. Turn off the lights, plug in the Christmas lights. Then turn this up real loud. PARTY. Record. Post to YouTube, and let us know the link.

"Fruit (Live)" (Download)