Following the pop-leaning lead of his last EP, Sweaty Magic, Rafter’s latest longplayer, Animal Feelings, hits shelves April 13th! It will be a long winter wait for this a Technicolor pop blow-out, but well worth it! Animal Feelings recalls Nintendo composer Koji Kondo leading a fantasy camp super-jam with Cody Chesnutt, Justin Timberlake, and the Tom Tom Club. Rafter’s history and influences, his dreams and ambition, and his love for love, all come together as a sweet, fun, speaker-blowin’, beat-busting ride into the inner-core of pop and R&B music.

Ask him to drop names for his latest work and he’ll say Justin Timberlake and Sublime Frequencies’ Radio Phnom Penh without batting an eye. He’ll tell you Animal Feelings is "a marriage record, a lust record, a death and sex record" and he’ll tell you to read The KLF’s notorious manual on writing a #1 single, which he says fueled and saved the recording sessions, which stretched over the course of a year and a half.

Animal Feelings, his fourth LP for Asthmatic Kitty, is an idea-packed picnic of philosophies and fears, of affirmations and questions. Like all of his work, this record is a very personal piece of music and Rafter has a lot to tell you. Whether you choose to listen or not is the difference between you getting down on the dancefloor or simply standing outside the club, listening to the beats, muffled and gutless through the walls. You have exactly three months to get ready to join the party!

Check out a track from the album, Paper. (Note: Not safe for radio or sensitive ears!)

“Paper (Explicit)” Animal Feelings (Download)