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If you haven’t noticed, all the money is in ringtones these days. The major record labels love charging their fans $3 for 30 seconds of music. And, apparently, some fans love paying for them. Welcome to the future.

So take the concept of the ringtone, and add in a little Mad Max/Waterworld/Planet of the Apes and multiply. What you get is 40 Bands 80 Minutes!, the visual record of a night in which forty L.A. bands emerged from their underground shelters to perform in 2-minute bursts; shared equipment, no second chances. Among the those Beyond Thunderdome: No Age (in their final performance as Wives), HEALTH, Abe Vigoda, Bizzart and Rob Williams, who breaks his own Guinness World Record by making a sandwich with his feet. 

Directed by Sean Carnage and executive produced by our very own Chris Schlarb, who performs with his guitar/drums duo I Heart Lung. We recommend purchasing the DVD from Sounds Are Active here.


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It was a month ago that we proudly released Chris Schlarb’s Twilight & Ghost Stories. It’s already turned up on a few Top 10 of 2007 lists, so Chris could have very well walked away from the table. But instead he’s been just as busy. Some of this busy-ness involves interviewing his Twilight collaborators. Expect […]

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Photo by Adrianna Lucero-Schlarb

Chris Schlarb’s Twilight and Ghost Stories is now available in your local independent store, or here from our own site for just $10. The forty-plus-collaborator composition is also featured on iTunes’ Alternative page today, so you can easily buy it there as well. This is a project that nearly all Asthmatic Kitty artists have contributed too, so we’re all very proud of it.

Don’t forget that you can catch Twilight in quadraphonic sound this weekend in cities across the U.S. See here for details.


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Photo by Adrianna Lucero-Shlarb

Chris Schlarb’s Twilight and Ghost Stories should appear in your local record store next Tuesday, and is already available for preorder and full preview on our site here. But even though the nearly 50-collaborator composition is in the can and out the door, Chris hasn’t slowed down.

In a testament to the vast net that Chris cast to create Twilight,  collaborators from across the U.S on the album will be appearing in their corresponding cities to perform and present a specially crafted quadraphonic version of Twilight. Cities include Long Beach, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago, and Bogart. See details here. Chris will also perform Twilight live, along with Liz Janes, at Next to Last Fest in Athens, Georgia on December 8th and 9th.

Finally, Chris has taken section IV of his composition and untangled all the contributions from artists like Sandy Ewen and Aaron Russell of The Weird Weeds (as the Macaroni Band), Dave Longstreth (of Dirty Projectors fame), avant reedmen Lynn Johnston and Bhob Rainey, Patagonian, uber-bassist Orlando Greenhill, Languis, Sebastian Krueger (of Inlets). He’s set them free into WAV or GarageBand format for the Internet-at-large to rearrange and remix. That means you!  Go here and give it a shot.


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Chris Schlarb’s Twilight and Ghost Stories is out December 4th, but you don’t have to wait. We have released the entire, 39 minute composition available for free streaming until the album comes out. You can preorder and listen here.


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Pitchfork recently reviewed Chris Schlarb’s new album, Twilight and Ghost Stories, and remarked on the way it pulls off being intimate and connective at the same time, by being both about Chris’ life, but also involving around forty collaborators.

Chris decided that the best way to accomplish this same effect live was by holding Listening Events in various cities when the album comes out. Collaborators will open each listening event with a performance, and a quadraphonic presentation of Chris’ album will follow. Cities include Indianapolis, Long Beach, Brooklyn, Austin, and Chicago. Chris will also perform himself, along with Liz Janes, at Next to Last Fest in Athens, Ga. Click here for details and collaborators.

Twilight and Ghost Stories releases December 4th, but you can preorder now right here.


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Photo by Adrianna Schlarb Our newest addition to the Asthmatic Kitty roster has been busy, even though his album doesn’t release until December 4th. Pitchfork Media got their hands on a copy of Twilight and Ghost Stories, and reviewer Joe Tangari said this: "Twilight is a unique and remarkably universal record, and one that offsets […]

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Photo by Adriana Schlarb

Pegging Chris Schlarb down into one category is a tall order. He teaches music, he plays jazz guitar, he’s founded a record label and a fifty member free form ensemble and a free-jazz-drone band, he’s a husband and father, and  . . . well, we could go on, for a long time.

That’s why it’s so lucky that we’ve managed to peg him onto our artist roster, and we’re honored to do it. Of course, he’s already been hanging around for a while; Chris has worked with Sufjan Stevens, Castanets, Liz Janes, and Half-Handed Cloud already on more than one project, so it’s just natural that he’s part of the crew.

And he brings with him his first release on Asthmatic Kitty, Twilight and Ghost Stories, a delicately crafted forty-minute composition that somehow manages to incorporate all of the above. We’ll be releasing it on December 4th of this year. In the meantime, you can read his bio here, or an album description here.

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