We’ve released one song from Denison Witmer’s American Foursquare project, “River of Music,” and more recently a beautiful rendition of “For The Beauty of the Earth.”

Today we’re happy to release another new song from the American Foursquare project, entitled “Save Me From Myself.”

Here’s Denison on the themes of “Save Me From Myself:”

Family life is busy. I don’t have the same amount of time for self reflection that I once had. While I do miss that alone time, being part of a family has given me a different kind of clarity. My children teach me that my own needs are very simple. They just want to be loved. They just want to be heard. They just want to feel safe. I am reminded of the lyrics in one of my favorite songs, The Prayer Of Saint Francis—“It is In giving of ourselves that we receive.” I think family life is much the same way.

This song is the first track Denison recorded with Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman) back in February 2017 (!!!). The result, this song, is what led Denison and Thomas to keep tinkering and recording together. “I remember being really nervous,” says Denison, “because I wasn’t sure if I was actually making a new album or if we were just experimenting. When he added the piano part the song came to life and I somehow knew innately that, after my long hiatus from music, I was ready to start a new record.”

You can listen to the song here, or via your favorite streaming platform here.