"My computer crashed last night. Is there a soundtrack for that?" wrote Elenor Hilt, a teacher in Maryland. From Frank Edds, a landscaper in Miami, we received this request: "I am trying to remember where I was on August 22, 1997. I think a song might help. Can you make one?" 

We get letters like this all the time. We carefully take these letters, send them to our Department of Communique Statistics and Analysis, and wait. Six months later they provide a 600-page report detailing what kind of music to pursue next in our ever-growing Library Catalog Music Series
With Elenor and Frank and that 600-page report mind, we present Music for Troubled Machinery from Leb Laze, of Prefuse 73 touring band fame, and Music for Primordial Recollection from SUNY biology student slash glitch producer Infinitirock. We've thoroughly tested these on multiple focus groups, including primates, and the result is the same: betterment of life through background music. With each new release to the Library Catalog, we find another mood, temperament, and life situation that can be scored. These are no exception to that rule.
You can read more about Leb Laze's contribution here, and Infinitrock's here.