For a little while, there was nothing from Trumans Water. Then, they emerged from the darkness with a brand new album, O Zeta Zunis, which we had the honor of releasing.

The emergence continues, as Trumans Water today makes five of their classic releases once again readily available to you. This includes their eponymously-titled album and Fragments of a Lucky Break which documents the era when the group's core included the Brandstetter brothers, Kevin Kascell, and Glen Galloway (of Soul Junk). The reissue madness continues with Action Ornaments, Apistogramma, and You Are in the Line of Fire and They Are Shooting at You all of which showcases their late 90s/early aughts era continuing their unpredictable scuzz rock with collaborations from Azalia Snail, Gary Olsen, Chan Marshall, among other guest appearances.

In addition to the studio albums, Trumans Waters' storied Peel Sessions will be made available including a pantheon of different Trumans line-ups as well as covers of Nation Of Ulysses and Sun City Girls songs.
This is a lot to process at once, we know. So we have made available a free sampler of all the reissues, titled Schist and Schisms. It will help the brain throb. Stream for free below, or download here. They are naturally touring in Europe, details here.