Photo by Mayumi Ando

This October, the newly regrouped Osso will tour North America in support of their debut record Run Rabbit Run, a re-arrangement of Sufjan StevensEnjoy Your Rabbit. But around here we like to do lots of things at once, so the tour will also feature screenings of Stevens’ The BQE, and select dates with DM Stith, whom the New York Daily News called a “ghostly cascade of noise like no other.” The show – nay, extravaganza – will weave its way from NYC to the Midwest, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s newly christened and very classy Toby Theater, through the Rust Belt (Pittsburgh’s Warhol Museum!), and then into New England.

You can read about Osso here, and the album Run Rabbit Run (due October 6) here. There’s a trailer for The BQE here (out October 20). You can hear an excellent acoustic session from DM Stith thanks to WYNC’s Spinning on Air by clicking right here. And specifics and times and details for this triple-shot tour are here.