Shhh. The moment is about to pass. But, wait, …there is something missing, something important. A crucial element that exists in all moments like these…ahh, yes, music, that’s it. 

And this, friends, is the point in your life where you reach for the Asthmatic Kitty Library Catalog shelf in your music collection. Luckily, we are doubling its size as of December 8th. Lowell Brams, Director of Asthmatic Kitty, turns out Music for Insomnia with a little help from Sufjan Stevens and Bryce Dessner (of The National). Read more on this ode to sleeplessness here.
And you might also recognize a certain Roberto Carlos Lange. He lives in Brooklyn and has great hair – ok, ok we give in: it’s the frontman of Helado Negro. And his Music for Memory is a swirling disc of loops and drones perfect for those memory related quests for keys, or mid-afternoon epiphanies. Here.
Finally, there’s Seattle-based Yuuki Matthews with his Music for Savage Tropical Imagery. Don’t let the title dissuade you; jungles aren’t all lions and vines. Think more SUVs and lightposts. In 100 years. Music for Savage Tropical Imagery is the perfect soundtrack to commutes, either now or after the apocalypse. Read more here.