In October, The Curtains released Calamity, and lots of people have since enjoyed its quirky experia-pop. The online music mag Daytrotter called it "smart pop that absolutely satisfies." But it’s now January, a New Year, and those reviews are so 2006.  Yawn. What is an enterprising band like The Curtains to do?

Well, spurred by the holiday season, The Curtains have refueled on happiness left over from Oh-Six and are spreading their musical joy in three forms over the next month. On January 4, The Curtains begin their whirlwind tour of the United S. beginning in Brooklyn and ending in San Francisco on January 19 (see here for complete tour information). Then, on January 23, The Curtains will release Calamity to the anxiously awaiting vinyl world.  The sonic clarity of this finely crafted (and round!)  LP will astound the ears of even the most discriminating music listener. And finally, The Curtains have created a cotton representation of this flurry of energy in the form of a brand new t-shirt, featuring a stylish but quickly moving green top backdropped by pure white energy. Wearing it will cause your friends and co-workers to wonder how you fit so much into so little time. You know, like that one band, The Curtains.