Liz Janes has been making records here at Asthmatic Kitty for a while, with each new record taking her music and style into wilder and weirder places. On the EP Time & Space, which we are releasing today, seven artists transport Liz's discography to even further frontiers. 

Some of Liz's labelmates make appearances on this EP, including Helado Negro, Brightest Diamond, and Fol Chen. Also doing some equally amazing work with Liz's music are Danielson (fresh off a brand new release), Arrington de Dionyso, Black Heart Procession, and Son Lux (recently featured on NPR's Album-In-A-Month Project). Put it all together and you have a repertoire that is itself an accolade to Janes' music over the years. Read more about this project here.

You can hear it for free or own it for $5 right here, or below. Or, if you're so inclined, share the whole stream on your Facebook page by linking to: