Photo by Josh Franer

AK artists have been busy travelers this year, touring hither thither like army ants on a picnic table. And occasionally a show comes along that feels like an all-you-can-eat banquet buffet. Welcome Wagon is playing such a show on Thursday night, at Pete's Candy Store, in a rare performance that looks to be as intimate as it will be generous.

Why the hoo-daw? Welcome Wagon rarely play shows to begin with. But we also have reason to believe this event will feature a full choir, including none other than the Gregory Brothers (of Auto-Tune The News fame). Eldest brother Andrew Gregory and The Color Red Band will follow the Wagon, featuring some delicate and beautiful songs from his successfully Kickstarted The Song of Songs project.

If that weren't enough, we are told by reliable sources in the CIA that Welcome Wagon will be playing new songs from a new, as of-yet-unannounced album.

The show is at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC Thursday August 11th. Doors are at 7pm. It's free.