What a way to end the Shapes and Sizes Half-Week: with a luv-luv-luvy sidebar from Rafter. Read it here, and thanks Rafter!

Of course, Shapes and Sizes are also ending this Half-Week with a bang – a golden ticket bang that is! In the first printing of the Split Lips vinyl LPs, we’ve stashed 31 specially made golden tickets in 31 of the albums.  But rest assured these aren’t just regular golden tickets. If you are lucky enough to receive one of these tickets, and then send it in the band, Shapes and Sizes will send back something "recorded, drawn, sewn, and/or constructed." Buy the vinyl here, and cross your fingers.

And if you’re just tuning in, click on "more" for a round-up of all the Half-Week content.Visual

  • Erik Osberg visualizes "Teller / Seller"
  • Julia Feyrer visualizes "Piggy"
  • Murat Eyuboglu snapshots a recent Shapes and Sizes live show
  • Woodshop Films captures Shapes and Sizes "Alone/Alive" in-studio


  • Cailia lists of some of her recent listens (also an AKradio playlist)
  • Jonathan Dueck reviews Split Lips
  • Laura Park conjured up a full-page ad for Split Lips
  • Rafter luvs on the band
  • Shapes and Sizes Psuedo-Interview Themselves, Part 1 and Part 2
  • Sufjan Stevens reviews Shapes and Sizes, live in Brooklyn at Union Hall