Photo by williac

Next week, Cryptacize begins a massive intercontinental tour. That makes today as good a time as any to recap and roundup Cryptacize related news across the net of inter. Let’s hop to it!

First, the goodies. Cryptacize has been planting little mixes in a couple of places across the cyberscape. We’ve done you the favor of compiling them for you. Mix 1 ("A Rainbow’s Revenge") is right here, Mix 2 ("Find Someone") is here, Mix 3 ("The Eternal City") is here, and the latest, Mix 4 ("The Edge of the World"), is here. Chris Cohen, guitarist of the quartet, has also generated a terrific little mix entitled "Awkward Shadow," available on Porch of the Mystics here. They are all good. You now have hours of listening ahead of you!

Ok, second, people are digging the new album, which is nice. David Bryne included Cryptacize on his April 2009 mix (here). Nate Chinen, a critic, at the New York Times listed Mythomania as one of his choices here. The ever-intrepid XLR8R said Mythomania is full of "pleasant pop moments." And Under the Radar used words like sharp, tasteful, deliberate, dynamic, and beautiful in their review. Thanks guys!

Speaking of UTR, they’ve published a terribly fun interview with the band. You can read it here.

And don’t forget their tour! They’ll be in Europe until June 12th, where you may be able to buy Cryptacize’s new 7", coming out on Slowboy (see here). Then they’ll barely have enough time to adjust their clocks before they’re touring in the U.S. starting in LA on the 23rd. See here for details.