There is only so long we can ignore your letters and electronic mail. Despite six volumes worth of life-soundtrack, you needed more. There is, you wrote, so much life to live, and not enough soundtrack to fill it. We have listened and, in graciousness, responded. We are now two volumes closer to providing the perfect score to your entire existence. 
With you in mind, we are pleased to announce volumes 7 and 8 of the Library Catalog Music Series. These are versatile pieces and it will be up to you to fully discover their various applications but rest assured that we are providing our standard, industry-famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will not be disappointed. Our two new composer recruits, Richard Swift's Instruments of Science and Technology and Kristin Miltner, have crafted music that will unfold in new ways with each subsequent listen. 
Advertising executives! Don't bother with backward-masking your corporate sloganeering. Seventy-two-percent of Soundologists say that music from the Library Catalog Music Series will adequately stimulate the consumption cortex in shopper's brains. These two new volumes will be the only hook you need to start reeling in the Benjamins. Read more about Instruments of Science's Music for Paradise Armor here and Technology Music here and Kristin Miltner's Music For Dreaming and Playing here.