All of us, staff and artist roster alike have loved Denison Witmer and his music for a long time. Most of our roster has appeared at least once on any number of his eight albums, or hit the road and toured with Denison. He’s basically family around here, so maybe it’s about time we just made it official-like. Well, ok! Let’s!

Please, welcome Denison Witmer to the Asthmatic Kitty family! (You can even tweet your welcome by clicking here.)

Maybe we should have done this sooner, because it feels like he’s come home.

Of course, there’s always business to be done and the first order thereof is to release his latest album, The Ones Who Wait. Label Mono vs. Stereo released it last year on a limited basis, but when we heard the record we wanted a shot too. A big thanks to them for letting us at it.

We’ll be releasing the record in early March. Between now and then expect some more Denison-related announcements, but for now just know that we’re glad he’s around. We hope you are too.

Read the story behind the new album here.