DM Stith released his debut full length, Heavy Ghost, at the beginning of the year. Since then he’s been busy – not the least of which is putting together nearly an album’s worth of new material for a series of EPs. 
Eventually, there’ll be three. For now, two; the newest (appropriately in time, unless you’re Canadian) is Thanksgiving Moon. The EP includes the song that won our hearts, but also a rendition of “Pigs” by Bloomington, Indiana’s Jefferson Street Marching Band. On the EP, Stith also covers David Bryne, while RafterDayna Kurtz, and Michna remix Stith. You can buy it exclusively on iTunes for just under $7 by clicking here.

And if wearing Stith-related material is more your thing, we have you covered (so to speak). DM Stith (who moonlights as a graphic designer) put together a rather nice smoke-colored American Apparel shirt based on the Heavy Ghost album cover. Did we say Stith has been making EPs? He’s so prolific, this t-shirt includes an exclusive digital down of Collarbells, a three-track-in-one 20 minute EP. You can buy it here.

“Pigs (feat. Jefferson St. Band)” (Download)