Asthmatic Kitty Records


When Man is Full He Falls Asleep

Catalog: AKR310 • Cover Art: La Mano Fria
Release date: March 9, 2010

They say you can’t keep a good man down and here at the Asthmatic Kitty Department of Super Sweet Songwriter Support we believe the same goes for good music. Up until now, Roberto Carlos Lange’s albums under the Epstein banner weren’t available outside of Japan–but all that’s about to change! Celebrating 10 years of Epstein music, Asthmatic Kitty is proud to be releasing the entire Epstein back catalog along with two brand-new full-lengths!

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The first album of new material, out March 9th and billed under the name Epstein y El Conjunto, is When Man is Full He Falls Asleep, a hazy dreamscape of bass, beats, and gloriously washed-out electronics. Like Lange’s work in Asthmatic Kitty act Helado Negro, there’s an organic playfulness to these songs, each looping, synth-pulsing, head-noddin’, tape-collage evocative of things like drowsy afternoons DJing vinyl records for yourself, sleepy mornings with coffee and Wu-Tang on the Walkman, and sweaty summer block parties in Lange’s current homebase of Brooklyn.

Equally influenced by weirdo out-pioneer Moondog, Parliament, DJ culture, and Argentine folk-singer Facundo Cabral, this 14-track danceparty kicks off with “Arrival to New York,” an upbeat jam built from samplers and Lange’s woozed-out vocals. A warm, billowing electronic visionquest, the track is a solid set-up for what’s to come.

So, meet Epstein. We’re very proud to bring this album, along with its sisters and brothers of the back catalog, to the rest of the world!

All songs by Roberto Lange (Pebble Toss Music ASCAP) 2010 (THE FUTURE)
Track 12: Lyrics by A. Deheza and C. Deheza, Additional Instrumentation B. Curtis (SVIIB) (BMI)
Track 12: Additional Drumming Jason Trammell aka old man hat
Thanks to Space Chancleta and the Whipcream Eyepatch Expedition. Steven La Mano Fria Castro, Toka-RL66, My Family and My Lady, lil lazer, AK, LoKay and M.Crum.