Asthmatic Kitty Records

Half-handed Cloud

We Haven’t Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved

Catalog: AKR006
Release date: October 1, 2002

In 2001, Half-handed Cloud’s Learning About Your Scale careened across the landscape of independent music, establishing singer and multi-instrumentalist John Ringhofer as a refreshing, original new artist.

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With twenty-five tracks crammed into twenty-four minutes, Scale charmed and amazed reviewers and unaffiliated listeners alike with unexpected instrumentation (trombones, talking books, and an air conditioner) memorable melodies, and a dizzying funhouse vision of The Meaning of Life. With haiku-like clarity and substance, Ringhofer’s concise songs reflect a playful spirit unafraid of following the muse wherever it may lead. Committed but never pedantic, his unique fusion of the silly and serious simultaneously stimulates both reflection and giggles. Once again, Asthmatic Kitty and Soundsfamilyre join together to present a new collection of sonic diamonds by John Ringhofer and friends. We Haven’t Just been Told, We Have Been Loved, produced by John Ringhofer and Daniel Smith (The Danielson Famile), offers a new satchel of visionary vignettes, placing a delightful oddball narrative over a fractured soundscape.

Listeners are guaranteed a great time, but behind the fast acceleration and sudden stops, and the beeps, honks and whirs, HHC’s John Ringhofer casts a gentle glowing light on What Really Matters.

    Press Quotes

  • "Ringhofer’s latest, We Haven’t Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved continues and expands upon those themes, possibly providing the year’s greatest surreal pop album in the process." Delusions of Adequacy
  • "Successful in conveying complicated theological ideas in the form of finely wrought, yet lo-fi pop songs without a hint of preachiness." allmusic