Asthmatic Kitty Records

Pepe Deluxé


Catalog: AKR330
Release date: November 12, 2012

-Book: a lavishly illustrated and exhaustively researched hard cover

64 page book encasing the discs brimming with encyclopedic information

on the opto-sonical world of ‘Queen of the Wave‘. In the words of Paul

Malmström: “It looks so crazy. It looks as the album sounds.  Too much

of everything, in a good way.”

-CD1: The original ‘Queen of the Wave’ album

-CD2:  Other music from the QotW sessions: 6 unreleased tunes,

interludes, outtakes + Easy Listening Queen of the Wave bonus EP by

Yol Gorro (the Sonic Sorcerer featured on the ‘A Night & A Day‘ video)

– Over 40 minutes of music.

-DVD: Packed with videos including…Album Trailer, A Night And A Day,

Go Supersonic, In The Cave, The Storm (Guitar Cobra Version), Salami

Fever, Girl!, Pussy Cat Rock, Go For Blue, The Mischief of Cloud Six,

PLUS QotW instrumentals, 10 minutes of session samples, drum breaks

(free for non-commercial projects), artwork and wallpapers.