Asthmatic Kitty Records

Liz Janes

Poison & Snakes

Catalog: AKR010
Release date: October 1, 2004

Liz’ second album Poison & Snakes documents her growth as a seasoned singer, songwriter and performer; her addictive chameleon voice and unexpected phrasing are set against eclectic and unpredictable arrangements by herself and producer Rafter Roberts, who has also worked with such notables as The Rapture, Maquiladora, and Tristeza.

While Done Gone Fire dealt with her jazz, blues, and gospel influences both thematically and stylistically, Poison & Snakes follows up as a reflection on the American West, from its desert and mountains to the sea, while expanding on the themes of innocence lost in a broken world, and freedom amidst earthly limitation. Liz Janes creates a masterful tension between avant and pop sensibilities, wedding in joyous union elements of punk, gospel and country music.

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Poison & Snakes features accompaniment by producer Roberts, Bridgit DeCook, Emily Joyce, Raymond Raposa (Castanets), and Michael Kaufmann (Soul-junk). Also featured are members of some of San Diego’s most renowned bands; Poison & Snakes features contributions by drummer Tom Zinser (Pinback, Three Mile Pilot), trumpeter Jason Crane (Rocket from the Crypt) and backup vocals and saw by Pall Jenkins of Black Heart Procession, whom Liz worked with on their latest album, Amore del Tropico.