Asthmatic Kitty Records

Angelo De Augustine


Catalog: AKR374
Release date: June 29, 2018
  • 7inch

“Carcassonne,” the A side of a new limited edition 7 inch, is a song by Angelo De Augustine about falling in love for the first time. On side B is “Effervescent Islands.”

The Carcassonne 7” was written and self-produced at home at the tail end of summer, soon after De Augustine released his second LP,  Swim Inside the Moon, and played to his biggest audience to date supporting Sufjan Stevens at LA’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery (his tour with Moses Sumney was then about to start). “Carcassonne” is one of De Augustine’s most romantic tracks that starts by asking a simple question: “Would you be the only one / In my life with my love?” and ends with the tender epiphany: “There ain’t much time in life before the lights go down / So I want to know you now,” reminding us to love while we can.

Side B’s piano ballad “Effervescent Islands” is more mysterious, with references to infinity, hypnosis, “something supernatural,” and “ephemeral light,” but it’s still about love: “Anything to touch the silence one more time  / Anything to feel the love we all shall find.”