Asthmatic Kitty Records


Blood Root Mind Rot

Catalog: AKR323
Release date: September 6, 2011

Asthmatic Kitty Records and Audio Recon have teamed to release a collection of b-sides, outtakes and remixes for Jookabox’s final album Eyes of the Fly. Previously, the two labels had worked together to create a collection of remixes for Dead Zone Boys.

This time around Audio Recon’s e. Brown has brought together a small band of creative minds to create a collection of remixes that embraces the creative genius of Jookabox and takes that spirit on a trip through various styles of alternative hip-hop and electronic music.

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Ligyro (aka Neil Cain) is a poet, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Neil is the founder and director of Pattern Hungry Records.  Neil plays in a variety of groups from rock to hip-hop. Twin Monster, Echomaker, Hot Jimmy and the Charred Remains, Neil Cain & the Turncoats, as well as solo spoken word performances and electronic/experimental performances as Ligyro.

Defame (aka Ryan Lee) is an Indianapolis based producer and guitarist. His debut release The Gorillaphant put him on the production map and gained him critical praise. He has teamed up with Lorax on the project Cicada Shells to be release on Audio Recon August 30th, 2011.

Lorax (aka Cory Salas) is an emcee, producer, visual artist. Lorax was one third of Twin Monster and Red Bus. He is currently the emcee for Echomaker and Cicada Shells.

And finally, drummer, producer, founder and president of Audio Recon, e. Brown, has also contributed to the collection. E. Brown has played with a variety of artists including MABLAB, Emily Wells, Rhymefest, Pub Sigs, and Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel. He is currently the drummer of Echomaker and does live experimental performances as glitch clique. The release is available digitally through bandcamp and on cassette available at live DMA shows.