Asthmatic Kitty Records

Pepe Deluxé

A Night And A Day

Catalog: AKR332
Release date: January 16, 2012

A Night And A Day is the second single to be taken from Pepe Deluxé’s forthcoming album Queen Of The Wave’. Recorded in New York, Brisbane and Helsinki, it oozes retro cool, mixing soulful vocals, Beach Boys-esque harmonies, Bossa Nova vocal breaks and features a whole host of musical talent.

Johanna Försti takes lead vocalst, a soul and funk singer who wouldn’t sound out of place on a classic sixties Bond theme tune. She’s a regular performer on Finnish TV shows who sang at the Independence Day reception for the President of Finland. Backing vocals come courtesy of Australian Boi Crompton, a Gulf War veteran who toured with Cat Stevens on his European tour earlier this year. Husky Rescue’s keyboard maestro Ville Riippa plays transistor organ and percussion while Pepe multi-instrumentalist Paul Malmström plays all other instruments on the track. That includes double speed guitars, a glockenspiel, and a modular synthesizer.

The lyrics are based on Victorian poetry and the main character from the book “An Earth Dweller’s Return”, describing the first temptation of the immortal Atlantean High priest Mainin, who later becomes the very embodiment of evil.

The B side is ‘Hesperus Garden’ again featuring Ms Försti on vocals. Surf funk with a hint of Bollywood glamour, powered by Finland’s number one metal drummer Kai Hahto.

The single comes with a host of great remixes courtesy of A-R-K (aka Andy Spence from New Young Pony Club), K-X-P (producers of Annie), Mex Luthor (also know as Catskills artist Black Grass), Zumo, Echo Park and Obi Blanche.