We think we have made it clear how excited we are about Dead Zone Boys, the love story meets psychedelic zombie-musical and third album from Jookabox. But just in case we haven’t, we’ll throw a release party! 

And, we’ll invite 11 Central Indiana artists to
create a piece of original art to correspond with each song on the albumincluding works by fellow Asthmatic Kitty musicians, DM Stith, and Liz Janes. The art show slash release party will go down on October 30th at Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis. Five bucks (that’s $5) will gain entrance. Normanoak and Grey Granite will perform, and
dj jessicka will spin through the course of the night. Jookabox will then embark on an extensive tour in support of
the group’s new full-length. See tour dates here, or click more to see the list of artists displaying work on the 30th.

1. Phantom Don’t Go — Jessica Sowls
2. Don’t Go Phantom — Jim Walker
3. You Cried Me — NERS
4. Gonna Need the Guns/Doom Hope — Liz Janes
5. East Side Bangs/East Side Fade — John Clark
6. Glyphin’ Out — Erin Drew
7. Evil Guh — DM Stith
8. XXXiawn Shell — Ryan Irvin
9. Zombie Tear Drops — Craig McCormick
10. LIGHT — Casey Roberts
11. F.I.T.F #1 — Tom Streit