Over the next month, Half-handed Cloud will chart new territory. First, in the physical world, HHC will be touring from the west coast to the east, stopping in great American cities like Salt Lake, Lander Wyoming (also known as AK-HQ!), Fort Collins, Denver, Memphis, Knoxville, Balitmore, Philly, NYC, and Quincy. 

In the musical world, HHC will be releasing DOVE, a one-sided LP, on Burnt Toast Vinyl. Fret not if that one-sided bit threw you for a loop; John Ringhofer of HHC is personally etching the second side as designed by the Henningham Family Press. Music+art!
And in the virtual world, the debate is now over on what social media service is the best (Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or SharededlyBookSpaceShare). Half-handed Cloud is now on Facebook, thereby making it the best time-waster ever invented by a Harvard dropout since North of Boston. Click here to engage in some quality HHC Facebook time!
You can see tour dates here, or preorder DOVE here.