“I am the loneliest climber of them all, “ croons David Stith (aka DM Stith) on the first track of his new project’s new track, although the band’s concept might indicate otherwise. Revival Hour is a collaborative project from Stith and The Earlies’ John Mark Lapham, mixed by Richard Swift and including contributions from Shara Worden of our own My Brightest Diamond, and members of The Earlies, and Shearwater. So much for lonely! You can listen and support the very nice recordings below, or here. (Note sasquatch-y Revival Hour press shot above! Rwar!)

DM Stith is also opening for My Brightest Diamond’s release party at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY on Friday October 18th. You should go! Details here.

In other news from the Stith front, Daytrotter posted a lovely session (as they are inclined to do), which includes an amazing rendition of “Pigs.” Daytrotter wordcraft Sean Moeller writes that DM Stith “seems like a believer and a dreamer and there might not be anything much better than being a combination of those two things.” Listen and read here.

And lest you think David has been making music 16 hours a day, you should check out yMusic’s new Kickstart-ed album Beautiful Mechanical. Not only does it sound wonderful (and include a composition from Shara Worden), but it sports cover art designed by David. Listen and see here.

If you need more Stith news – and of course you do – check out his shiny new Tumblr (which is like a blog but without an “e,” an increasingly unnecessary vowel) right ovr hr: ihaveitallfiguredout.tumblr.com.