Illustrations by Johnnie Cluney

We've been listening to Daytrotter for a while, and have loved every moment. Their recording sessions are some of the best in the biz. The sound quality and engineering is incredible. The writing and illustration always capture the essence of an artist.

All that to say: Daytrotter gets it.

So when one of our own artists pops up with a session, we rush like lemmings (do lemmings rush?) to the site to hear and download and read. When two our artists go up in one week? Things get a little crazy.

Of Denison Witmer, Sean Moeller  writes, " The one thing that must keep him going is getting to play the songs that he writes every night – these songs that are so filled with deeply personal anecdotes and sentiments. They are the intimate thoughts that he can't bottle up."

And speaking about Ray Raposa of Castanets, Sean wrote that  he "never ceases to mystify when he writes. He never seems to give it all up and for that, he's a master of the form."

If you're not already a subscriber – hey why aren't you? – you can try Daytrotter for free and snag these sessions. Castantets is here, and the Denison session is here.