Photo by Aaron Olson

Monday night in Philadelphia Cryptacize and Sufjan Stevens began their tour. We imagine it will be very exciting as both put on truly terrific show. Unfortunately these tour dates are all sold out.

But fret not! Cryptacize tours on! On October 10th Cryptacize will trade in Sufjan and his pals for another set of Brooklyn-based musicians: The Fiery Furnaces. Together, along with Dent May, they will tour from Hoboken (Jersey not Georgia) to the always-sunny palm-kissed LA in November (with a little Canada tucked in there for good measure – cue the highway bound Zamboni, photographed by Cryptacize bassist Aaron Olson; by the way, Canadians: is it legal to drive a Zamboni 105 km/h up there? Amazing.).

It’s on Cryptacize’s own blog (replete with out-of-sight mixes and so-so funny pictures!) that we read with great sadness that this coast-to-coast tour may be the last chance to catch them live for a while. Don’t let the opportunity, and Cryptacize in your city, pass you by! Get details on this tour here.