Having barely finished a whirlwind European tour playing with Final Fantasy, Mirah, and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Cryptacize is now hitting their home pavement with an extensive US tour alongside Casiotone for The Painfully Alone. Touring in support of their sophmore release Mythomania, the band has filled out a little with newest member Aaron Olson joining Chris, Nedelle and Michael. Aaron and Nedelle met at music school a few years ago. Guitar is his first instrument but he was kind enough to switch to bass for Cryptacize. Most importantly, Aaron has black hair, hazel eyes, and is a sensitive guy. Be sure to catch them on the road. Check the tour dates here.

Also be sure to head over to Slowboy Records to pick up the newest offering from Cryptacize, their Lost Beauties & Easy To Dream 7″. This limited edition (300 copies) clear vinyl 7" can be purchased by clicking here. We think it is pretty awesome that the previous release on this label was a David Bryne/Brian Eno collaboration.