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Psychic Temple

Psychic Temple is a cult. Psychic Temple is a band. Psychic Temple is a singular vision realized by the some of the finest artists on Planet Earth. While soulless corporations pick off your heroes one by one, appropriating their style and mystique – Psychic Temple is set apart, calling you back to a more honest time. Some make art to challenge their own creativity. That is the Spirit of Psychic Temple. The status quo is not good enough. Get better.

Formed in 2010 by band/cult leader, Chris Schlarb, Psychic Temple explored avant-jazz territories before pivoting toward folk and soul music on Psychic Temple II. After touring the country with various lineups, a working band took shape around Schlarb’s newfound voice and electric guitar work, perfectly anchored by Tabor Allen’s lyrics and foundational drumming. Psychic Temple III saw the group augmented by collaborators new and old, including Avi Buffalo drummer Sheridan Riley, Minutemen bassist Mike Watt, and jazz trumpeter Kris Tiner. Shifting their focus to adventurous songwriting, Psychic Temple is ready to amass the following that was always waiting for them.