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  • Pepe Deluxé A Night And A Day

    A Night And A Day is the second single to be taken from Pepe Deluxé’s forthcoming album Queen Of The Wave’. Recorded in New York, Brisbane and Helsinki, it oozes retro cool, mixing soulful vocals, Beach Boys-esque harmonies, Bossa Nova vocal breaks and features a whole host of musical talent. More info...

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  • Pepe Deluxé Queen Of The Wave

    Queen Of The Wave is the startling new album from Pepe Deluxe. It’s an esoteric pop opera that’s a totally unique proposition, thematically based around the mystical 19th Century novel A Dweller On Two Planets which was supposedly channelled by its American author, Frederick S Oliver, from a cosmic entity called Phylos the Thibetan and concerns life in Atlantis and on Venus, sci-fi futurism and reincarnations. More info...

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