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  • Sealess See Cover Art

    Epstein Sealess See

    Over the course of 17 tracks, Sealess See is a beachy landscape of summer sound. More info...

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  • AKR079_900

    Epstein Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein

    This remix record wanders through the minds of Jaytram (drummer for Yeasayer) and Prefuse 73, who were both asked to plunder and ravage the entire Epstein catalog as the source material and pass it through their respective creative processes. More info...

  • AKR310_900

    Epstein When Man is Full He Falls Asleep

    When Man is Full He Falls Asleep is a hazy dreamscape of bass, beats, and gloriously washed-out electronics. More info...

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  • AKR309_900

    Epstein Otros

    Otros is about the others in all sense's. This album was made in Atlanta 2006 and New York 2007. More info...

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  • AKR308_900

    Epstein Canto de Hermanos

    Canto de Hermanos means "Song of brothers". The album is about the spaces and places I've gone to make music. More info...

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  • AKR307_900

    Epstein Gente Sin Pueblo

    Gente Sin Pueblo was recorded half in Miami 2003 and Atlanta 2004. This music is for moving and seeing no borders. More info...

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  • AKR306_900

    Epstein Puñal

    This is the first Epstein record made from 2000-2001. Dusty records and a sampler are what was used. This music was made during the time Roberto Lange lived in Savannah, Georgia. More info...

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