In 2007 we released Twilight & Ghost Stories, a 40-minute modern composition by Long Beach based Chris Schlarb. By tying together dozens of pieces of music from dozens of musicians, Schlarb not only used Twlight as a sort of personal catharsis but as also a way to show that we are all connected. You can stream Twilight for free or buy it in MP3 form here for $5.
Now, three years after releasing Twilight, we are so proud to announce Chris Schlarb's second record. Enter Psychic Temple, an album that draws from the methodology of Twilight & Ghost Stories to coordinate a 29-member ensemble into a fully realized and mature synthesis of live ambient, jazz, and folk. The album drops in three weeks. Read more about the release here.
We are releasing Psychic Temple in conjuction with sister label Sounds Are Active, who will be using Kickstarter to fund a limited edition gatefold vinyl pressing. There are only 30 days to raise $3,555. You can be a part of this project here. Rewards include a Psychic Temple poster designed by Jason Munn, hand written sheet music, and the acoustic guitar featured on the album cover.
In the meantime, please enjoy this excerpt from the first track.

“I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die (Excerpt)” (Download)