Earlier this year, we had the honor of releasing The Weight of the Globe EP from Midwestern sister duet Lily & Madeleine. And come this fall, we’ll be releasing their debut full-length, the self-titled Lily & Madeleine.

T Magazine, the lifestyle arm of the New York Times debuted “Devil We Know,” the first single from the album. You can hear it here.

This is what rock critic Anthony DeCurtis wrote about the record when he heard it:

“Most wonderfully, their songs are exactly an expression of their youth. That does not mean they are naïve – far from it. Nor, thankfully, are they merely precocious – young people performing the parlor trick of mimicking their elders. It is the sound of innocence on its inevitable search for experience. The themes of this album – the passing of time and the seasons, the ache of desire, the quest for identity, the wonder of what’s ahead – are not just the concerns of youth. They matter to everyone at every age. But as “maturity” sets in and all too often yields to cynicism, we lose the willingness, the fearlessness, to explore them. Rather than hopeful, we become afraid of what we will find. These songs occupy the space we live in before that fear descends and we succumb to its limitations.” Bible Chronology

Read more of Anthony’s writings on the album here.

We’re now taking preorders for the album, available on CD, LP, and limited edition white vinyl, here.

[youtube width=”541″ height=”304″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W5lhdVkiRs[/youtube]