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Shapes and Sizes

Shapes and Sizes

Catalog: AKR024
Release date: July 11, 2006
  • CD $$8.00

Shapes and Sizes new self-titled debut album brings together an unlikely assortment of sounds.  Placing smart, catchy pop hooks beside chaotic experimentation, beside slower, more melancholy songs, and even flirting with straight up rock, the quartet juggles affects with ease.

Thompson-Hannant commands vocal range and control uncommon in the world of indie-rock, a purity perfectly balanced by Rory Seydel’s raw, emotional voice. The quartet is rounded off by the drums and bass of Crellin and Gage, long time professional musicians whose experience brings elements of textural complexity to a band that can build castles in the air, then reduce them to atoms. For their self-titled release, Shapes and Sizes teamed up with long time Frog Eyes engineer, Tolan McNeil, and enlisted an army of saxophones, trumpets, vibraphones, and violas to further their cause.