Asthmatic Kitty Records

Helado Negro


Catalog: AKR318 • Cover Art: David Lekach
Release date: October 12, 2010
This mini album from Helado Negro can be best understood as an empanada. On the outside are two original songs, t 2º Dia and Paz a Ti, wrapping what is inside. In between those are covers songs, making up the meat and filling. These include “Jurame” and “Rosita” by Roberto Carlos (not to be confused with Roberto Carlos Lange the man behind Helado Negro), “La La” by Eduardo Mateo, Leo Dan’s “Celia,” and “La Distancia” by Los Iracundos. In addition to these classic South American tunes there is also “Adios Maldito Mundo” a loosely translated version of Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World.”
These songs were originally intended as a Christmas gift to Roberto’s parents but then he decided to share it with everyone. Just like an empanada, its quickly consumed but will linger in your memory.