Asthmatic Kitty Records

Denison Witmer

It’s Okay to Live A Quiet Life

Catalog: AKR383
Release date: April 14, 2023

Denison Witmer was on a road trip with a friend when the friend asked, “When is it ok to just be? Can’t I just live a quiet life?”

The song “It’s Okay to Live a Quiet Life” is Witmer’s response to that question, an encouragement to his friend, and all of us, to pause and take the time we need to regroup. “It’s okay to disappear for a while if you need,” Witmer sings, setting the admonition to a backdrop of quiet and consistent strumming and a gently playing piano.

“So much of our energy is spent trying to separate the signal from the noise,” says Witmer, “You don’t have to prove a thing to yourself or anyone.”

“For A” is the side A to a double single, which is two versions of the same song – one for each of Witmer’s children. Produced and performed by Witmer with help from Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, Sufjan Stevens, Taylor Swift), this single is Witmer’s first new official release since 2020’s American Foursquare.