Asthmatic Kitty Records

I Heart Lung

Interoceans Remixed

Catalog: AKR409 • Cover Art: Tom Steck
Release date: August 26, 2008

As Interoceans neared completion, producer Chris Schlarb put together two lists. One contained names of his favorite hip-hop producers and M.C.’s. The other was an index of his top experimental electronic and ambient artists. The concept was simple; each list would reimagine Interoceans’ four tracks, with Schlarb serving as executive producer.

Portland, Oregon based Strategy (aka Paul Dickow) worked the pedal steel guitar of “Interoceans II” into an ambient lather while evoking the textures of both Pink Floyd and Seefeel. Vermont based composer and Akron/Family collaborator Greg Davis goes heavy on the drone and outdoes the original length of album closer “Interoceans IV”.

Two remixes came from Denmark’s active underground scene with electro/jazz trio Badun cutting, pasting and overdubbing their own instruments on “Interoceans III.” The result is a gorgeous extension of both Badun’s unique style and the original track. After collaborating with I Heart Lung during a festival performance in California, Sugarghost (aka Joakim Frøystein) cleverly inverted the upright bass groove of “Interoceans I” and set Tom Steck’s drums awash in cavernous reverb.

Los Angeles underground hip-hop is well represented with Awol One, Radioinactive, Bizzart, Express Fresh and Acid Reign’s Gajah each adding vocals to various tracks and Beneath The Surface producer Omid contributing a remix. Anticon producer Jel masterfully loops the 12-string guitars of “Interoceans II” as Awol and Chicago rapper Serengeti trade verses over Nels Cline’s soaring guitar feedback. Omid goes up tempo on his remix of “Interoceans IV” and joins Gajah’s clean and contemplative verse with a manic rumination on small struggles and big city life from Bizzart.

Producer Self Says wraps the acoustic guitar of “Interoceans I” in synth bass and crisp hi-hats as Express Fresh stalks past lesser tongues for a much deserved solo spotlight. Busdriver and Daedelus collaborator Radioinactive combines with ellul for a spirited take on “Interoceans III” wherein lyrical non-sequitors and dueling monomes reign supreme.