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Half-handed Cloud

Half-handed Cloud & Henningham Poster

Catalog: AKRHHC-HP
Release date: September 1, 2009
  • Poster

In June of 2008, Half-handed Cloud’s John Ringhofer flew to England to help design and print a poster with The Henningham Family Press that would illustrate an event they had been preparing for over the course of several months. These months of ideas culminated in John’s performance upon a giant, spinning, 12-foot diameter vinyl record at London’s The Foundry on June 26th 2008.

The giant record was built by the Henninghams, and John, posing as a record stylus, presented new songs written specifically for the show and encouraged the audience to sing along, assisted by cue cards and intermittently by a small group of local musicians and vocalists.  This free performance was divided into two acts of three songs (Side A & Side B), for a total of six new tunes.  The Henningham Family Press signaled the start of both segments with live screen printing on an enormous record label at the center of the gigantic 12-foot record.

The 20”x13” poster collaboration that commemorated this event was printed with carefully selected red, white, and silver silkscreen inks, all printed on a textured Bordeaux paper manufactured by windpower.  It also includes three linocuts. The handmade limited-edition print by David and Ping* from The Henningham Family Press and Half-handed Cloud’s John Ringhofer is now available domestically, here at the Asthmatic Kitty online store.