Asthmatic Kitty Records

DM Stith

Braid of Voices

Catalog: AKR067
Release date: December 8, 2009

The third in a series of EPs, Braid of Voices EP further explores the sounds and influences of DM Stith through a collection of remixes, a cover, a collaboration and a reworking. The original “Braid of Voices” is the climax to DM Stith’s Heavy Ghost. For this EP Stith has distilled the song to its essentials while maintaining what Pitchfork called a “stunning emotional catharsis”. Following is a harrowing rendition of Diane Cluck’s “Easy To Be Around.” Stith has isolated the desperation of Ms. Cluck and treated her tune to a full-blown re-imagining, isolating the crowd vocals and an elusive melody and pinning them all over a menacing, yet somehow coherent, rush of piano arpeggios.

Bibio’s remix of “Abraham’s Song” takes Stith’s voice into the realm of saturated electro-acoustics. “Abraham’s Song” is taken from Stith’s debut release Curtain Speech EP and was originally composed as a closer for Heavy Ghost. FatCat glitch artist and Bjork collaborator, Ensemble, and Warp recording artist Clark also offer their own unique approach to Stith’s music. The EP ends with a reworked free-jazz version of album closer, “Wig,” this time filled out with label mates I Heart Lung. For such a strange young voice, this has been a wild and beautiful year.