Asthmatic Kitty Records

  • Denison Witmer American Foursquare (Simplified EP)

    Denison Witmer follows up last year’s release of his album American Foursquare with a reframed look at four songs from that LP: “Birds of Virginia” (featuring Karen and Don Peris of Innocence Mission), “Simple and True,” “River of Music” (the first single from American Foursquare), and “Roseanne” (featuring Rosie Thomas). More info...

  • Angelo De Augustine Blue

    "Santa Barbara" and "Blue" pick up where last year’s studio album, 'Tomb,' produced by Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), left off. More info...

  • Sufjan Stevens The Ascension

    The Ascension More info...

  • Angelo De Augustine Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara showcases the evolution of an already auspicious catalog hinted at on Tomb More info...

  • Sufjan Stevens The Decalogue (Score)

    40 page songbook containing piano song charts for all ten songs in Sufjan Steven’s The Decalogue. More info...

  • Denison Witmer American Foursquare

    American Foursquare is a meditation on empathy, on love, and on the meaning of home. More info...

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  • Sufjan Stevens Lonely Man of Winter

    In 2007, Sufjan Stevens wrote and recorded “Lonely Man of Winter” and, as part of a holiday marketing contest to promote Stevens’ Songs for Christmas boxset, traded ownership of the song to the winner, Alec Duffy. In turn Duffy gifted his song, “Every Day is Christmas,” to Stevens. But instead of widely releasing “Lonely Man […] More info...

  • Angelo De Augustine Carcassonne

    “Carcassonne,” the A side of a new limited edition 7 inch, is a song by Angelo De Augustine about falling in love for the first time. On side B is “Effervescent Islands.” More info...

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  • Angelo De Augustine Swim Inside the Moon

    Swim Inside the Moon is a record by 24-year-old Angelo De Augustine. This second full-length of Angelo’s career captures a sound he’s been looking for since he started playing music a decade ago. More info...

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  • Sufjan Stevens The Greatest Gift

    New and reworked material, in its investigation of love, life, death, God, and the beautiful state of Oregon, serves as a contemplative companion to the original album. We hope you enjoy. More info...

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  • Angelo De Augustine Truly Gone

    Limited edition 7 inch with "Truly Gone" and "Magical." More info...

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  • Helado Negro Private Energy

    "No love can cut our knife in two." More info...

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