Asthmatic Kitty Records


Sweaty Magic

Catalog: AKR043 • Cover Art: Jonathan Dueck and Lizeth Santos
Release date: September 9, 2008
  • CD

Hot on the tail of his acclaimed afro-tropicali-folk-funk-noise-pop full-length Sex Death Cassette, Rafter will be releasing the Sweaty Magic EP smack in the swarth of August. This is no standard-fare, holding pattern, marketing strategy EP. No!  Sweaty Magic is the ultimate booty cap to Summer Oh-Eight’s globally-warmed love-exhaust festival. Listeners taking a break from the floor to get another organic mojito-flavored energy drink might hear swirls of Tom Ze, Prince, Clipse, Zapp & Roger, Mr. Fingers, and D’Angelo staying up late in some non-exclusive beach rave with glowing extraterrestrial energy spheres.

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The EP began as a collaborative project with photographer Lizeth Santos to complete an art project a day. For Rafter, this often meant a self-made song entirely from production, vocals, to instrumentation, accompanied by a corresponding photograph from Lizeth. Asthmatic Kitty published a handful of these on their website, and they made their way onto blogs and forums from there.

It soon became clear that the quickfire songs represented a distinct shift from 10 Songs, Music for Total Chickens, and even the recent Sex Death Cassette. The energy from the self-imposed requirement of a song-a-day infused the music with a sense of urgency and timing, summarized in three simple words: You. Must. Dance.

Sweaty Magic is Rafter center stage in a gold Speedo (American Apparel banned at the door), firing lasers of love from his eyes. If you’re not shaking your booty by the second track, you might want to look behind you to make sure it’s still there.

Rafter’s Recipes for Musical Bliss

Music for Total Chickens
1 heaping Tbsp experimental noize spazz
1 tbsp self-help literature
1 tsp beautifulosity

Sex Death Cassette
2 cups omnivorous music appreciation
1 handful of pop aspiration
4 tsp of caramelized ADD and tape hiss

Sweaty Magic
2 gallons Magic 92.5 San Diego’s Old School
4 packages of dancing w/my hot girl @ the nightclub
Sprinkle of math metal