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Library Catalog Music Series

Roberto Carlos Lange: Music for Memory

Catalog: AKR205 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: December 9, 2009
  • CD
  • LP

Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro, Savath & Savalas) offers up his contribution to the Library Catalog Music Series. Music for Memory is like one giant crossfade going from one idea to the next in long rhythmic patterns. Its broken tape delays and found reel to reel tapes comprise the beats and the long drone music made from orchestrations that became re-assembled from short ideas to long ones.

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Side A:
Roberto Carlos Lange on Stuffed Tomato, Nonsense Drum, Electrocutions, Bacteria Keyboards, False Teeth.
Connor Bell Various themes on Oranj con You
Jessica Larabee Tarot Tea and Backspin Effect.
Matt Crum Procussions
Jason Trammell Inverted Jit.

Side B:
Roberto Carlos Lange Crocodile Effect
Eduardo Alonso Crocodile Provider