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Lowell Brams: Music for Insomnia

Catalog: AKR204 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: December 8, 2009
  • CD
  • LP

Lowell Brams was raised in West Alexandria and Dayton, Ohio. He met Sufjan Stevens in Detroit, Michigan, in 1976, but Sufjan was eleven months old and doesn’t remember it. After Lowell and Sufjan’s mother married, they re-met in 1980 in Eugene, Oregon, have been friends since then, and started Asthmatic Kitty together in 1998. They are both insomniacs, the theme Sufjan suggested for this album. Bryce Dessner is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and a founding member of The National.

Music for Insomnia was written and performed by Lowell Brams and Sufjan Stevens on Harmonium, Little Casio, Little Korg, Big Prophet, Prepared Piano, Unprepared Piano, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Autoharp, Drums, Bass, Reedless Woodwinds, Bells, Shakers, Tambourine, Hair, Duct Tape and Keys.Track 8 written and performed by Lowell Brams, Harmonium and Korg, Bryce Dessner, Electric and Acoustic guitar, and Sufjan Stevens, Piano, Casio and Percussion. Many thanks to Bryce and Sufjan, and, Ed N., The Lone Ranger, and the dudes of Con Los Dudes, who may be heard riding into the sunset on “Alpha to Theta.”

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For Sara, the Asthmatic Kitty, 1993-2008.